Seni Box - Project Hygieia

Project Hygieia


Hand sanitizing system Touchless & Atomized operation for effective prevention against germs and Covid 19. Providing safety against the germs and viruses at homes, offices, schools almost anywhere. Uses minimal liquid sanitiser to ensure better skincare.

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Ensures minimum sanitizer is used, high pressure atomized dispensing for better coverage over the hands by use of optimal quantity of hand sanitizer liquid. Industrial grade components for better sensing and repeated operations thought the day. Designed to be fast and efficient for best in class hand sanitizing speed to cater larger numbers in unit time.

Contactless Delivery

Free Shipping

Two Year Warranty


  • Touch-less operation
  • Easy refill
  • Robust metal body
  • Industrial grade sensors and components for higher duty cycle
  • Upto 300 sanitizations cycles per refill
  • Efficient dispensing method
  • High pressure mist for better dispersion / coverage
  • Microcontroller system to avoid repetitive sprays
  • Designed to be used in the outdoors up to 40 degrees centigrade
  • Available in two shapes and 2 volumes (1/1.5 Liters liquid capacity)
  • SENI BOX-V1.0
  • Colour: Black + White
  • Size in mm: 250 (L) X 135 (W) X 295 (H)
  • Capacity: 1 Liter
  • MRP: ₹12,000
  • Special Launch Price
  • ₹11397.12 (Inclusive of taxes)
  • SENI BOX-V1.5
  • Colour: Black + White
  • Size in mm: 375 (L) X 135 (W) X 200 (H)
  • Capacity: 1.5 Liter
  • MRP: ₹13,000
  • Special Launch Price
  • ₹12,346.88 (Inclusive of taxes)
  • Colour: Black
  • Size in mm: 160 (L) X 160 (W) X 375 (H)
  • Capacity: 1 Liter
  • MRP: 15,000

SENI BOX V R\1\1.5

It’s a touch-less hand sanitization device that breaks the liquid sanitizer into tiny particles to ensure optimal and safe exposure to hands. Each spray discharges about 3ml of hand sanitizer to make sure that the hands remain dry and sanitized with limited quantity of hand sanitizer per use.



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